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Who We Are

blooh: blu | blewe | blōōh

1. A vibrant representation of cultures far and near
A calm and serene hue found naturally the world

Blooh is a community of artisans dedicated to good design. Each jewelry piece encapsulates long perfected skills, hope, and cultural symbols that have persisted through time. How products are made matters. Currently, we are working exclusively with skilled artisans and groups supporting them in Kenya. Every item in the Blooh marketplace is made by their hands and inspired by timeless craftsmanship. Each product catalyzes freedom and entrepreneurship to the highest degree.

Embody natural confidence with simple designs that elevate your style and identity.

Connect to vibrant heritage with each timeless piece made by creatives and artisans around the world.

Convey a guilt-free uniqueness rooted in craftsmanship.

Our Values


we value quality, function, and good design above all. Yes,
you can have it all!


we champion creative solutions to stubborn
problems. Be it through innovative technology or
engaging programming, we’re committed to the
big problems in our industry.


we believe labor practices must be fair for products
to be made sustainably. We carefully evaluate the
practices of artisan partners to ensure transparency
and fair labor standards

Environmental Stewardship

we support the responsible use and protection of
our natural world. From the early moments of
sourcing materials to packaging -- it all adds up and
we’re paying attention.

Our Promise

Collaborating with talented makers and artisans is at the heart of our mission. We are partnering with a growing network of independent and established creatives that are dedicated to the highest level of environmental stewardship, fair labor practices, and circular design. Some of our artisan partners have been perfecting their craft for over 30 years. We work hard so you can express yourself freely.

We are committed to our mission of creating a platform that fuels creativity and responsible design. Our promise is simple: we strive to bring you closer to well-designed products that also uplift livelihoods in the process. Along the way, company profits are recycled to raise the skills and and capacity of our artisan partners to participate in the digital economy. Join us as we get started.

Together, we can achieve anything!

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