• 3 Ways to Build the Habit of Consciousness in 2022

    3 Ways to Build the Habit of Consciousness in 2022
    Rather than perfection, progress is a better benchmark for a more fulfilled life. To make progress, it’s better to cultivate a habit of ruthless consistency. Science backs this up. When we’re consistent, eventually, to the outer world the end result looks nothing short of perfection
  • The Artisan and The Process

    The Artisan and The Process
    One of our most commonly used materials is brass...Beyond its global use, brass work is also a common trade in much of the developing world. For one of our artisan partners, Erick Omondi, it fuels creativity and aspiration.
  • Blooh, Founder's Note

    Blooh, Founder's Note
    In majority of the world, work is done by hand. So much so that artisan work is the 2nd largest employer in the developing world and...
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