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It might sound ironic but I’ve dreaded making outfit decisions everyday for as long as I can remember - it takes too long to create a cohesive look that I’m also comfortable in. So, I’ve been on a mission lately to build a core wardrobe that is as timeless as possible - enter the capsule wardrobe. This has also been a personal journey in discovering sustainable fashion brands and learning about the colors that best suit me and enhance my skin tone. The ultimate goal was to take the work out of looking good, effortlessly, everyday without having to buy endlessly. 

There’s a lot of information out there but here’s the 4-step core outfit capsule formula that is good for all the seasons - and surprisingly, it’s very simple! 

The Year Round Core Capsule Essentials 

Blooh Core Capsule Formula


1) Start With a Nice Pair of Jeans in Any Fit You Prefer

It’s all about the jeans! The right jeans can make or break the look. And you don’t need that many - based on the fit you prefer, here are some options you can try. I have a really nice skinny Levi’s so I’m adding wide legged and loose pants this year. You can try these or if you’re petite like me Reformation has a great pair that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

2) Neutral Tank Tops are the Perfect Base

For the warmer months a high neck tank top works extremely well. Opt for the neutral colors like blacks, whites, or light pastels (if you prefer some color) for the most versatility. If you tend to get cold frequently like me, easily add a cardigan or a T-Shirt on top. I’ve tried a combination of different style tops but nothing beats a high neck tank for all the seasons which is why it’s an essential. Experiment with different necklines and sleeves to create countless combinations. You can start with these from Kotn or these

3) Add Character with Shoes

Sneakers are the best year-round shoes - pick them in black or white to go with any outfit. I can’t live without my Nike’s and converses. For the warmer days I switch them with loafers or sandals which are also great for the transitional spring and fall look. I have black ankle boots that I picked at a market in Shanghai in 2019 that’s been a staple for the colder months. Add boots of other length based on your preference for winter. Thankfully you can’t go too wrong here. For me, shoes allow me to add some playfulness and character to the outfit. So I love discovering unique textures and patterns. The Root Collective has amazing options for those that aren’t afraid of colors. Here are other options for loafers (currently 30% off site-wide), or these beautiful pair in Cognac.  

4) Add Depth to your Outfit with Detailed Accessories 

My favorite part about creating a capsule wardrobe are the accessories because it allows me to be creative and create countless looks by simply changing around small details. And I LOVE details! From little accent colors to the texture in my jewelry, I find that I don’t need a lot of clothes if I carefully select the right details. The Blooh Rowan Paperclip necklace never leaves me regardless of the season.The collar fit tends to go well with most high or low neck shirts.  

This goes for bags, belts, and other small items which can really pull a look together. Able has a great selection of bags like this in Whiskey.  

The Winter Edition 

Blooh Winter Capsule Formula


Here’s the same formula applied to the fall/winter style starting with a nice pair of jeans, a base tank, with neutral layers, and detailed accessories with accented colors and textures. 

You can probably create over 20 different looks. And, that’s without getting creative. 

Recreate the look: 

  • A thermal neutral base top. I can’t live without my Uniqlo - I’ve had mine for over 4 years. I have a combination of black and brown thin long sleeved thermals that I easily layer over the tanks mentioned above. 

  • A couple of nice sweaters or shirts in neutral beige or pastels. You can easily layer the sweater over the shirts for a clean look. You can try these in beige or black. I love having a high quality oversized blue shirt to throw over my outfit if I’m feeling lazy - here’s one you can try. 
  • A couple of loose fitting and ankle length pants for comfortable layering and showing off your boots like this Citizen of Humanity pair. You also can’t go wrong with these bell bottoms from Levi’s.  
  • Pick a jacket or two based on your preference. I love a leather jacket for all the seasons from cool summer nights to chilly Decembers. Be creative. Stick to neutrals for versatile mixing and matching. Look for details that spark joy which will ensure they stay in your closet for a long time. Here’s an oversized black coat, a beige trench, and a leather jacket.   
  • Ankle boots in black or any other dark tone are a staple. Based on your cold tolerance, couple this with another length or style. Here’s an option with a little bit of heel.
  • Ethical jewelry from Blooh with all the handcrafted textures - try on the Ava Hoops for over any casuals or for effortless day to night transitions. Pair with the Nia Chain Necklace for an all around bold look to tie your look together. 

If you want more petite options - I’ve been browsing this page on Reformation lately. 

Share with us what you create by tagging us on Instagram or other ethical fashion brands that make an impact.

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