Our Promise of Environmental Sustainability


Since Blooh started, environmental stewardship has been a primary pillar of our mission. We’re big believers in imperfect action and this pillar is something we hold ourselves accountable to little by little. This allows us to reach high as often as possible amidst imperfect solutions. Here are some of the ways we’re implementing this mission in 2023: 

Made to Order Model

In 2023 we moved to a made to order model. This means we minimize waste by producing just enough jewelry to only fulfill what’s ordered. All our products are made by hand by our artisans in Kenya.  This means there’s a human touching every single step of the jewelry making process. This model eliminates excess water (typically used to produce jewelry in mass and by machines in factories), labor, and generally toxic waste in an industry that’s prone to mass production. Hopefully in months to come we can share this impact quantified.

Blooh Made to Order


Most of Blooh’s packaging is environmentally friendly. We use packaging that’s biodegradable as much as possible. For example, our honeycomb wrapping paper is fully biodegradable and recyclable. Other inner materials are paper based. We haven’t found a way to be 100% plastic free without compromising durability of the package as a whole. Our first priority is to ensure your items get to you in one piece. The cost of excessive paper packaging to protect packages is well documented - too much paper ends up in landfills just the same so this is not a perfect alternative. For this reason we’ll continue experimenting with new materials as they become available. 

Blooh Packaging
Blooh Packaging 2
Blooh Packaging

Upcycled Materials

And finally, we use up-cycled and recycled metals and materials if available. Up-cycled horn, for example, is a common byproduct of the Kenyan economy and regularly integrated into accessories and jewelry in the region. This is one of the things that gives Blooh jewelry its uniqueness. 
Blooh Upcycled Materials
Have you ordered from us recently? Tell us your thoughts about our packaging you received or any ideas for improvements at hello@blooh.co 

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